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When it comes to choosing the right framing system for your project, you already know that these systems can come in a variety of materials.

You know that each serves a different purpose. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right material for your project and understand the differences, pros, and cons, of each.

Choosing Materials that Help You Do More 

Rule number one when choosing a material for your industrial structure or project is to find the one that checks the boxes you need to accomplish your goals.

Good questions to consider before choosing a material are:

 If you’re currently (or will be) in the process of choosing a framing system for a project, then there are four types that immediately come to mind:

  1. Welded Steel
  2. Aluminum Extrusion
  3. PVC Pipe
  4. Wood

 The Pros & Cons of Top Framing System Materials

As you consider your options (welded steel, aluminum extrusion, PVC pipe, wood, etc.), it’s important to keep in mind the questions stated in the previous section.

The truth is, none of these materials will perfectly check each box. What you have to decide is what matters for you and your project. Oftentimes, durability, assembly time/ease, load-carrying potential, and cost are the biggest ticket items to consider.

Wood and PVC pipe, for example, are pretty easy to handle, lightweight, and inexpensive, but they can’t handle heavier loads and typically aren’t very durable in the long-term.

Welded steel is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive, but requires skilled labor and is difficult to handle. Not to mention, the rust factor that comes with steel!

For this reason, many choose to go with aluminum extrusion. It’s strong, durable, capable of bearing heavier loads, light (easily maneuvered and controlled), can be assembled with basic tools, and doesn’t rust. Some of you may think aluminum extrusions are expensive, but, when you consider a few things, it makes aluminum extrusions much more appealing.

First, you can use basic hand tools to assemble, so you don’t need highly skilled (expensive) labor. 

Second, the aluminum extrusions can be disassembled and repurposed for other projects, giving you more productivity for your dollars.  

And, finally, if you can reuse the aluminum for the next project, it’s very easy to recycle, putting cash back to the bottom line.

Getting the Right Framing System Fit for You

If you want to build a structure that stands the test of time, then aluminum extrusions are the best option. However there are many different manufacturers and types of aluminum extrusion to choose from. How do you know the ones that will work the best for your application? 

 Most aluminum extrusion suppliers require special tools, drilling and machining to assemble.This can make it much more difficult to be flexible and work for all of your applications. Tekno’s aluminum extrusions are all designed to bolt together and be easy to reconfigure and reuse. All of our products can be assembled with off-the-shelf hand tools. They do not require drilling or machining to assemble. 

If you need more information about this topic or would like to talk to an expert about your project needs, click here to contact us! We’d love to hear from you and discover how we can help you complete a quality project on-time and within budget.


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